Kauai Taxi Company Prices

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*Fares within the county of Kauai are regulated by the County Government. Therefore, taxi prices are the same for all the companies on the island.
Our current prices are displayed below:
( 1 ) Initial meter actuation shall equal three dollars ($3.00) and shall entitle the passenger to one-tenth (1/10) mile or less, or forty-five seconds standing time or less
( 2 ) Thereafter, for each one-tenth (1/10) mile additional or less - $0.30
( 3 ) For each forty-five (45) seconds of additional waiting time or less - $0.30
( 4 ) Charge for each piece of baggage other than wheelchairs, bicycles, and surfboards, handled by the driver in loading, unloading or both - $0.40
( 5 ) Charge for each surfboard, bicycle, baggage, freight, or parcel too large to be carried within the rear passenger compartment or trunk of the taxicab - $4.00
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